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Der Coach

Der Coach is a football magazine for amateur coaches. The first issue, published in January 2020, focuses on performance diagnostics.

In addition, I conducted an interview with Firstbeat to gain further insights into the professional field and the professional work of performance analysis specialists.

Further, football-specific training exercises and contents are explained and presented. The Coach is available as a free download from Teamsportbedarf (here’s how to get to the professional magazine)

I am pleased to introduce you to the following parts of the professional magazine.

My Projects

In this area, i'll present to you my projects in detail - Conception, Planning, Realisation and Analysis after finishing the Project.

If you have any Questions about my work, I'd love to give you my feedback about it!

Stand & Reach - A mobility test to determine flexibility
Der Coach - Magazin for Football-Coaches
The standing long jump - Determines the maximum jump distance from a standing position
The Köln - Bochum football test determines running agility and dribbling skills
Learn more about professional performance diagnostics in the interview with Firstbeat.

Concept & Planning

With the aim of providing the 1st issue of Der Coach in January, the topic of performance diagnostics seemed perfect to me. In order to carry out a well-planned preparation for the second half of the season in football, a current performance level must first be determined.

Through my years of study in the field of performance diagnostics and also my activities as a coach, I have already carried out some preparations myself and therefore know the importance of determining the current performance level of the players.

For this reason, I have dealt intensively with this topic and compared a large number of scientific articles when writing the content. In addition to writing the articles and content, I also conducted an interview with Firstbeat to gain further insight into their professional approach and methods of analysis.


I worked with my graphics agency to present the content. The aim was to illustrate the performance tests in such a way that the contents are simple and understandable not only for competitive sports but also for amateur sports.

The performance tests are intended to be used by amateur coaches in particular to determine the performance level of players by simple means and to be able to carry out targeted training on the basis of this data.

An excerpt from ‘Der Coach – das Fußballfachmagazin für Amateurtrainer’ can be found here on my homepage. The entire magazine is available as a free download here: Der Coach – trade magazine for football – amateur coaches



The aim of the professional magazine ‘Der Coach’ is to present football-specific content in an easy-to-understand way for amateur coaches so that they can incorporate it into their training. To this end, the magazine will be published quarterly and will always present new, modern training content and concepts.

If some of the content seems incomprehensible or if you have further questions about the content of ‘Der Coach’, please feel free to contact me. I hope you enjoy reading, trying out and training!