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In ‘Fit@Home’ we present training exercises and methods with different focuses in the general fitness area. In the first edition, we focused on fitness training in preparation for jogging and longer runs.

As a ‘special’, we took a closer look at fitness training with the hula hoop: How can you learn the basic technique, how intense can the workout with the Hula Hoop get and what exercises are there besides the simple circling? 

Furthermore, we dealt with ‘vegan nutrition’ and how it can be combined with sports in the best possible way and the winner mentality in sports and everyday life.

My Projects

In this area, i'll present to you my projects in detail - Conception, Planning, Realisation and Analysis after finishing the Project.

If you have any Questions about my work, I'd love to give you my feedback about it!

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Concept & Planning

Fit@Home – a specialist magazine for lifestyle and sport: Within the framework of the magazine, current topics are nutrition, psychology, trend sports and many other sporting activities. On this basis, I researched and decided on the following topics for the 1st edition: vegan nutrition, fitness training with the hula hoop, fitness exercises to prepare for jogging and the importance of mentality and mindset in sports.

I immediately distributed the topics to my authors and started researching for the articles, which I wrote myself – vegan nutrition & the fitness exercises to prepare for jogging.

After the articles have been written, the graphic preparation and the creation of a layout for the magazine will take place after consultation with my media agency

The newspaper is sponsored by and can be downloaded free of charge here (Fit@Home – Issue 1)



For each article, extensive research takes place first. Facts, current studies and new findings are compared so that the quality of the articles is very high. 

In addition to coordinating the articles, my tasks also include planning shooting days, where the exercises are realised and recorded with pictures and video. 

Once all content has been created in text, image and video form, the creation of the layout starts in consultation with


You can download the result of the 1st issue of Fit@Home free of charge in the following link (Here: …). After further consultation with, a frequency of 4 journals per year is to be achieved, a new magazine every quarter, so to speak.

I will also inform you about the next issue of Fit@Home. If you have taken a look at the issue, I look forward to your feedback and hope that you will try out the exercises presented.