KickID – Performance-based analyses in football

Make Performance visible

Kick ID - ID Leagues

The ID League aims to make data and video analysis easy and accessible for all ages and levels. Through optical tracking, up to 250 positional data are collected in 8 categories.  We develop qualitative player assessments from this quantitative data. 

We do not only look at the passing rate, but also at the impact on the game, for example how many opponents or lines were passed. We specifically look at chains of action and balance them to ensure a holistic evaluation of the players.

Through my work in this segment, I was able to get to know many excellent technical solutions for game and player evaluation.

My Projects

In this area, i'll present to you my projects in detail - Conception, Planning, Realisation and Analysis after finishing the Project.

If you have any Questions about my work, I'd love to give you my feedback about it!

Kick-ID - Make Performance visible

My work at KickID

For over 5 years now, I have been working at KickID in the area of qualitative evaluation improvement and as an area manager. My task is to optimise the data collection in such a way that the AI evaluation achieves the best possible result. 

Through my years of working as a trainer, I also have the know-how to recognise the quality of the data. In close cooperation with our IT department, I discuss possible adjustments and optimisation options. 

Furthermore, it is part of my job to introduce our product and our software solution to new customers and junior training centres. For this purpose, I am in close contact with numerous well-known supporters of football in Saxony.

Data collection

In a test match, every single player is filmed by us. The rules: Five against five – a game lasts four minutes – there are four games – within these games the player changes position once. The game is played on a standardised 40 x 20 m football pitch.

KI - Analysis

With the help of artificial intelligence, all data is analysed fully automatically. Every centimetre of the game and every movement of the player is measured by our KICK ID scoring algorithm.

Create the score profile

Passing accuracy, shooting power, running performance, speed, ball control, dribbling or defensive play: there are more than 250 position-related data from which an individual top score is calculated for each player. The team top score is calculated from the average top score of all players.