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10 different training exercises to achieve your goals. I’ll show you with different forms of training how to successfully train your players for switching behavior on the field!

  • with detailed descriptions & example picture
  • Practical tips for your training
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There are countless switching actions within every football game. World-class teams like Liverpool are masters of quick transitions and create many chances as a result.

The decision-making process is essential, where to go, changing lanes, dribbling – or is it better to change the rhythm and take possession of the ball.Furthermore, the switch from offensive to defensive is crucial to the game – how quickly do I close gaps, counter-pressing or dropping, etc. Exactly these contents must be trained or trained.

There are no precise rules for this, but rather game principles – which can be trained in a game-related way, especially through small game forms. We present our 10 best training exercises for you, with which you can train the switching behavior of your team!