TOP 10 – goal scoring – football training


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10 different training exercises to achieve your goals. I’ll show you how to use different forms of training to successfully train your players to score goals on the pitch!

  • with detailed descriptions & example picture
  • Practical tips for your training
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The game idea and the game with the ball can be as good as it gets, but in the end every move is finalized with a goal. this should at best reward the previous effort with a goal.

Goal finishes should be an important part of the training week. For example, the focus can be trained during station training at the beginning of the week. This can be pure striker training or a team competition. Goal shots are always a good building block at the end of the training week and can be included in the final training session to get a good feeling in simple multiple actions with many shots without the greatest counter pressure for the upcoming game.

We bring you our top 10 training drills to practice your team’s goal scoring!