TOP 10 – 1 vs 1 – football training


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10 different training exercises to achieve your goals. I’ll show you how to successfully train your players for a 1 vs 1 duel on the field with various forms of training!

  • with detailed descriptions & example picture
  • Practical tips for your training
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The 1 versus 1 is the nucleus of football. Within every soccer game there are countless 1 vs. 1 actions. Almost every team has a “dribbler” a 1v1 expert on the team. These players create spaces in which to create a majority. Especially with well staggered defenses, winning 1 against 1 actions are often the “can opener” to develop scoring chances.

Certain game situations occur with a certain regularity, for example, a 1vs1 with opponents behind or in front. This means that these situations can be explicitly recreated close to the game in training in order to develop a broad range of actions for the attacker.

We now introduce you to 10 different forms of training to improve the offensive 1 on 1 of your players. These forms are very general and not tailored to specific formations, positions or the like, the goal here is basic training.